No More Editing AppKernel to Enable Bundles

I'm not sure when this landed, but I just noticed the latest OroCRM RC2 builds have a new mechanism for adding bundles to an application without directly editing the AppKernel.php file.

Just add the following file to your bundle


with the following contents.

    - Namespace\Bundle\NameBundle\NamespaceNameBundle

Where Namespace\Bundle\NameBundle\NamespaceNameBundle is the full PHP class name of your bundle.

This feature will be vital to independant module distribution — with it in place end-users will be able to untar an archive into the src folder directly, clear the cache, and they'll be good to go. It'll also help with whatver official package managment system OroCRM Inc. comes up with.

One impotant gotcha in the RC2 builds: Right now this doesn't follow symlinks, so if you're developing bundles by symlinking your source controled code into a working OroCRM system, you'll want to manually apply the fix mentioned here. Hopefully a fix for this makes it into the final release.

(Between this and Magento's infamous problems with templates, I suspect Eastern European PHP developers are waging a secret war against the symlink)