Symfony Aliases and the Event Dispatcher

In what I hope is the last word on the previously discussed event_dispatcher service, I downloaded the latest version of Symfony (2.4.1, the OroCRM Beta 6 uses Symfony 2.3.6), and discovered a change in the generated dev container file. Specifically,

#File: app/cache/dev/appDevDebugProjectContainer.php
$this->aliases = array(
    'event_dispatcher' => 'debug.event_dispatcher',

That is, for the dev environment, the event_dispatcher service is aliased as debug.event_dispatcher. This means all users of the event_dispatch service are actually using the debug.event_dispatcher service, (when running in the dev environment). This solves the web profiler's incorrect tracking of third party bundle events, and is an implicit endorsement that third party bundles can and should use the bundled event dispatcher. One assumes we'll see this change come to OroCRM/OroBAP in an upcoming release.